EVADYS tourist busEvadys tourist bus is designed for regional and nationwide routes, airport transfers, organized tours and for excursions. Thanks to its versatility it will become your perfect business partner.

Extraordinary versatility

Inheriting from the most important models of the bus industry, Evadys is a vehicle that should not be missed in your fleet due to its versatility. Thanks to its versatile architecture, which can be customized to suit needs of any customer, it is suitable for both regular line transport with a lot of stops and coach trip transport.

EVADYS is offered in two lengths and with three types of doors:

  • Single-leaf central door in case of a WC located in the centre.
  • Double-winged central door with plenty of space for a wheelchair access ramp.
  • Single-leaf rear door enabling a maximum use of luggage compartments.

EVADYS tourist bus

Proven reliability

When developing new Evadys as a multipurpose bus, we could build on the unrivalled experience and proven reliability of our intercity bus family. New Evadys, repeatedly tested in extreme operation and climatic conditions from -30 °C to +50 °C, during over 120,000 km of road and function tests and under stress tests corresponding to 2,000,000 km on European roads, guarantees maximum performance, strength and reliability on all routes, along with a high level of comfort for passengers.

Optimized profitability

Reduced operating costs, low fuel and Ad Blue consumption, long maintenance intervals and eco-friendly operation make new Evadys a very efficient solution for any mission. Evadys, inspired by coach and line bus models, offer operators an excellent level of productivity. The optimized versatility of Evadys guarantees operators a maximum profit both on working days and weekends.

Comfort and safety

Evadys, which takes pride in a high level of comfort and service, can be optionally equipped with a new adjustable hostess seat, spacious luggage racks, coffee machine at the hostess seat, kitchenette, video system and Wi-Fi. Passengers can use individual lighting and air-conditioning outlets, USB sockets and WC. Thermal comfort can be controlled thanks to high-quality heating systems and air-conditioning.

The vehicle also features double-glazed windows and multi-layer flooring materials that provide noise and thermal insulation. Another advantage is an easy entry and exit from the vehicle, which are one of necessary conditions of enjoyable travelling. For transport of disabled persons it is possible to equip the vehicle with a built-in Q'Straint wheelchair anchor system which ensures maximum safety and optimal use of this space.

EVADYS, born versatile, built profitable

Evadys was just been added to the Crossway range and it completes the upscale segment of combined interurban and excursion coaches. It retains all the points of strenght of the best-selling intercity range in Europe: outstanding versatility, proven reliability and optimized profitability.

Perfect combination of a versatile and non-stop profitable vehicle

It offers more power, more comfort and more luggage space than a regular intercity bus, but it is also more compact. It offers an easier entry and has a lower weight and therefore also lower consumption. This vehicle is ideally suited for routes truncated by many stops (less suitable for tourism coaches) but that are long enough to have to deliver performance and comfort.

EVADYS tourist bus

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