The URBANWAY city bus is a modern low-floor bus designed for public transportation in urban areas. URBANWAY meets the high standards of public transport operators and passengers. It meets all the monitored parameters for the public transportation of passengers:

URBANWAY city bus

  • Maximum comfort for passengers and drivers.
  • High transport capacity.
  • Total operating profitability.
  • The bus is supplied in the lengths:
    10.5, 12 and 18 metres.
  • Wide choice of engines.
  • Customizable internal layout.

The URBANWAY city bus provides passengers with the experience of a pleasant interior. Its arrangement guarantees comfort for both passengers and drivers, while providing the best possible control. The bus body is attractive, with a sophisticated design and style. First of all you will be attracted by the modern features, such as the completely new type of headlights. The following three types of engines can be integrated in the intelligent design of the URBANWAY bus:

  • Longitudinal engine Tector 7 EURO VI, for Diesel and Hybrid versions.
  • Transverse engine Cursor 9 EURO VI, for Diesel version.
  • Transverse engine Cursor 8 EURO VI, for CNG gas version.

URBANWAY city bus

Perfect environment for travelling

URBANWAY defines a new standard in the area of public transport. Variable configuration is an invaluable advantage of the URBANWAY city bus. Customers can choose from 3 500 combinations of various styles and finishes. Passengers will love the spacious interior and powerful air conditioning, with special air vents and air curtains at the door. The cooling system allows for by up to 50% higher volume of air flowing, thus creating perfect environment for those travelling.

Simplified and faster maintenance

Completely redesigned, spacious and ergonomic space, with practical features enabling drivers to perform daily tasks in the best possible conditions. In the new URBANWAY bus, everything is designed to ensure that maintenance is as easy and as fast as possible. Drives will appreciate the elevated seat, offering not just comfort and perfect view of the road, but also providing adequate protection in the event of accidents, and a good position for communication with the passengers.

URBANWAY city bus

 Technical datasheets and brochures URBANWAY

Product brochure


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